Meet  Ι Jim Phillips

About Jim_PageJim is a highly respected business leader, entrepreneur, Spiritual Life coach, inspirational speaker and author.

And while this might seem like a lot of titles or roles that he has taken on they are all part of life’s purpose, to live in full expression of who he is.

For the better part of 30 years Jim has been inspiring others to higher levels of understanding and achievement, however he recognized early on that to do so he himself had to have the experiences.

To speak on topics where one has no experience is nothing more than theory or conjecture. To speak from an experiential standpoint is to have knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

As a professional speaker I understand the responsibility placed on me to deliver inspiring, relevant content, but I also understand the responsibility placed on the person who chooses the speaker…

Everyone one of us has a unique perspective of life, and therefore a unique experience of life, based on that perspective. My Prosperity by Design Coaching™ program honors an individual’s or an organization’s unique perspective while serving as a tour guide in the exploration of new, perhaps more empowering perspectives…

The products and services offered in conjunction with my work are all created to support and expand upon a central Truth, “You can have and experience all that you desire from life because life withholds nothing from anyone.”


Influencing the Past, Present and Future in Each Incarnation

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What if who you are and how you lived could change the world for future generations? What if who you have been and what you did in past lives has resulted in who you are, what you do now and the world in which...

If the Universe wants me happy, why then?

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If the Universe really wants me happy why then am I not? This is a question I get often from coaching clients finding it difficult to understand why they are not experiencing the degree of happiness they would like. And to create further frustration...

When One and One Equals Three

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Collaboration, the interaction of two or more people resulting in something greater than what would be achieved through solitary actions. Synergy. One plus one equals three. While we usually think of collaboration in terms of two or more people working together to achieve a...

The Tipping Point-regaining Balance

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As we all know, life can be difficult. No matter how much success a person enjoys or how well their life seems to be unfolding, everyone experiences difficult times and situations. Looking at it from this perspective life is an equal opportunity experience. Each person...