About Jim_PageJim is a highly respected business leader, entrepreneur, Spiritual L.I.F.E. Coach, inspirational speaker and author.

And while this might seem like a lot of titles or roles that he has taken on they are all part of his life’s purpose, to live in full expression of who he is.

For the better part of 30 years Jim has been inspiring others to higher levels of understanding and achievement; however he recognized early on that to do so he himself had to have the experiences.

To write about or speak on topics where one has no experience is nothing more than theory or conjecture. However, to write or speak from an experiential standpoint is to have knowledge and hopefully wisdom.


Is that how you see it?

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I recently attended a business conference for a company with which I have been affiliated for just over a year.   During the conference I was called onto the stage with several other folks to be recognized for the success we had created and enjoyed during…


Living the Life Imagined

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Living the life imagined. What thoughts come into your awareness as you consider, “living the life imagined? There is a paradox to this statement that I want to bring to your attention, at least I believe there is a paradox.  However it remains for…

Toroweap Point

Heaven on Earth…..

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Since originally posting this a few days ago I have spent time reflecting on why I was given the inspiration to write this post at this time, and why the message of Heaven on Earth.  As I have mentioned in previous posts most of what I…

As a professional speaker I understand the responsibility placed on me to deliver inspiring, relevant content, but I also understand the responsibility placed on the person who chooses the speaker…

Everyone of us has a unique perspective of life, and therefore a unique experience of life, based on that perspective. My L.I.F.E. Coaching™ program honors an individual’s or an organization’s unique perspective while serving as a tour guide in the exploration of new, perhaps more empowering perspectives…
The products and services offered in conjunction with my work are all created to support and expand upon a central Truth, “You can have and experience all that you desire from life because life withholds nothing from anyone.”