The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, is a must read for anyone who thirsts for richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences and all of the goodness life has to offer. This thirst can only be quenched by living in full expression and experience of one’s Self.

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From Inspiration to Intention, is a must read for anyone who has at some point in their life been inspired to do something but for reasons mostly unknown did not follow through on that inspiration. The key lies is one’s intention, not only at the moment of inspiration, but throughout the process of consistently breathing life into the inspiration while seeing it through to its fulfillment.

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Will your ideal life be created with intention or by default?

What I have discovered through my coaching, writing, speaking and personal experience is that most, if not all of us, get to a point in life when we assess what we have done and who we are. We have this sense or knowing that there is much more to life than what we have experienced. We think, “there has to be more to life than this!”  And the good news is that there is more, much more.

It doesn’t mean that life has not been good or bad, just that there is something within us that still needs expressing. This inner nudge is our purpose working hard to gain our attention.  These 5 Keys are a guide to living with purpose on purpose and creating the life you desire.

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