As a professional speaker I understand the responsibility placed on me to deliver inspiring, relevant content, but I also understand the responsibility placed on the person who chooses me as their speaker. I want that person to be comfortable in knowing they have made the best choice possible when they book me for their event.

It is always my intention to have those who attend my presentations leave more inspired and more empowered than when they first arrived. This is accomplished by gaining as complete an understanding of the needs and desires of my audience as possible, whether it is a corporation or a specific type of group.

Everything I share is pertinent to the audience and inspires them to take action towards their specific objectives. I don’t pursue an agenda other than the agenda of delivering on what I promise and what the audience expects.

My presentations are dynamic and thought provoking, yet lively and engaging. They are intended to inspire the audience to look at life and their current situation from different perspectives. It is from these new perspectives that better, more empowering choices can be made.


What you can expect when you book Jim

A dynamic, inspiring speaker who speaks truthfully based on his life experiences and understanding. He shares this truth not to convince you that this is the way life is or should be, but to inspire you to live life from your truth as you understand and experience it.

He has discovered in conversations with people from all walks of life and through his coaching practice that most folks just aren’t happy. Sure, they experience happiness in certain situations, but all too often it’s short lived. Most believed they would be more successful (based on their definition or society’s definition of success) and that life would be much easier at this juncture in their life than it has been.

Jim breaks the invisible chains of limiting beliefs that hold us back from the life we expected as he guides us boldly across the threshold of uncertainty into the experience and expression of our true “magnificence”.


You will receive:

  1. An initial phone consultation to discuss your event and specific needs for the target audience.
  2. Ongoing communication as necessary leading up to the event. Prompt, courteous and professional replies to phone calls and email messages.
  3. A professionally prepared and delivered presentation tailored to the unique needs of the audience.
  4. An announcement about your event through my different channels of notification. (If applicable, and with your permission)
  5. An impassioned and inspired speaker and presentation.
  6. Empowered and inspired attendees.
  7. A post event communication for evaluation purposes and an agreed upon follow up program if applicable.

Contact Jim now for available dates and topics and let him inspire you and your organization to richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences!